Is striving toward Black Excellence a hindrance?
when Twitter fingers become trigger fingers

December 2022

Spotify Wrapped, be damned.

June 2022

Jupiter in Aries has me in a chokehold

April 2022

let's make "me season" a 365 thing

March 2022

building friendships in your 30s is not for the faint of heart

February 2022

my growth depends on it

November 2021

because gettin your sh*t together is a journey, not a destination

June 2021

Reflecting on gate-keeping our safe spaces, Black joy in the summertime, the cultural legacy of Black food + an alté playlist for your next cookout.
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May 2021

Welcome to LaChelle Rising by me, LaChelle Chrysanne. writer, producer, director, wannabe auteur. sometimes I say things that make a lot of sense. Sign…